With Check-Out Receipt Texts, a link to a unique digital check-out receipt and QR code is automatically texted to the parent/guardian. Then, to complete a secure check-out, simply scan the code on their phone with a 2D barcode scanner, tablet camera, or do a visual security code verification.

Enabling Check-Out Receipt Text:

    1. As an Administrator, sign into your KidCheck account at go.kidcheck.com
    2. Select System Settings gear icon in the upper right corner
    3. Select System Options on the left-hand side menu
    4. In the same side menu, select Check-In Options
    5. Under the Send Guardian Receipts by Text Message option is a drop-down menu where you choose what Campus, Templates, and/or Locations to enable this feature for (Pictured Below)

How To Check-Out With Receipt Texts

1. Visual Check-Out

You can use the guardian’s check-out receipt text to visually verify the security code to the same way as with a printed Guardian Receipt. The security code will match the child’s name badge security code as well as be listed in the Admin Console next to the child’s name.

2. Check-Out at Station

For improved record keeping and overall security you can scan the QR code in the guardian’s check-out receipt text. You can scan from a computer check-in/out station using the KidCheck 2D Barcode Scanner or from a tablet check-in/out station with the tablet’s built in camera.

  1. Have parent open link that was texted to them on their smart phone
  2. Link will open the Check-Out Receipt
  3. Scan QR Code with 2D Scanner or on a tablet select the “Camera” button and scan QR Code
  4. Visually confirm guardian’s profile and the children they are checking out on screen
  5. Select the green submit button to process check-out for selected children
KidCheck Secure Children's Check Out New Check Out Receipt Texts
The checkout QR code on a guardian's smartphone
The checkout screen after scanning a guardian's QR checkout code.

3. Admin Console Check-Out

You can also use the Admin Console to individually check-out the children by scanning the QR code on the guardian’s Check-Out Receipt Text. This can be done with either a computer and 2D Scanner, tablet, or smartphone running the Admin Console App.

    1. Start the KidCheck Admin Console on the computer, tablet, or smartphone
    2. Select the child you want to check-out, this will pull up their “Detail Look Up”
    3. Select the green “Check-Out” option
Checkout QR codes can also be scanned from the Admin Console

What Happens If A Parent Didn’t Receive Check-Out Receipt Text?

If a parent didn’t received their Guardian Receipt Check-Out Text you can always resend the text through the Admin Console.

To Resend Guardian Check-Out Receipt Text:

    1. Log into Admin Console
    2. Select child to be checked out
    3. Scroll down to the Guardian List
    4. Select the present guardian
    5. Select “Resend” under the Guardian Receipt Text Message area