The barcode on guardian receipts are used exclusively for doing check-out of your kids electronically. Electronic check-out takes visual check-out to the next level. The barcode on the receipt is a “key” for the child’s nametag barcode “lock.”

For security purposes, the barcode on the guardian’s receipt is not directly usable at the check-in station, but only after a child’s nametag barcode has been scanned. First, scan the barcode on the child’s name tag to pull up the “Detail Lookup” screen. This screen houses all the detailed child information including child/guardian contact information and listing of authorized and unauthorized guardians. In the “Detail Lookup” screen, scan the guardian receipt barcode in the field “Scan Receipt.” If they match, KidCheck processes the check-out and you’ll see the message “Successful Check-out.”

To view the “Detail Lookup” screen you need to ensure the function is enabled.

  1. Choose System Settings from the upper right
  2. Choose System Options on the left
  3. Choose Check-in Options under System Settings
  4. Under the Detail Lookup Policy you can enable and disable options
  5. Choose the green Save Changes button

Read the KidCheck Check-Out Procedures Tutorial for information on various check-out options and suggestions.