The kids in your organization grow up fast, and as they mature, they have different needs and participation requirements. Join Cheryl and Angela from KidCheck as they discuss YouthCheck—the only check-in system designed to meet the specific needs of youth. YouthCheck offers the same ease of use and extensive security features as KidCheck’s children’s check-in.

In this video, you’ll discover what makes YouthCheck unique, why it was developed, who it’s for, and how it works. See Cheryl demonstrate some important features, including the YouthCheck App, Reports, Admin Console, Roster, and Broadcast Text and Email Messaging.

Experience why YouthCheck is engaging and age-appropriate while encouraging accountability and connection. As a leader, you’ll appreciate the control it gives you by knowing who is checked in, when, and where. Youth love it because they oversee their check-in account, and families find it reassuring as it increases safety and allows for easy attendance tracking.

Whether you are already part of the KidCheck family, are new to working with youth, or are a seasoned veteran who wants to manage your youth area more efficiently, this video has helpful information for you.


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