KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares Event Registration Improvements

With spring in the air and summer around the corner, many of you are planning children’s events such as VBS, summer camps, kids activity programs, and other youth activities. That’s why we’re excited to share some of the latest improvements and updates to KidCheck’s Event Registration feature.

Event Registration offers value to both organizations and parents. For parents, it provides a convenient and seamless way to register their children ahead of time for the event. For administrators, it puts you in control of your event, gathers key information before check-in, and enables you to better plan and manage the activity. Plus, for events with a cost associated, you can assign a fee and accept online payments.

These improvements give you more control, easier access to data, and provide more options for a better overall experience.

Updates Include:

  • Administrators can now register kids – Now you have the option to register a child for an event if the parent was unable to prior to their arrival. This provides better control of the registration process and faster access to data that matters.
  • Multi-kid discount – Want to offer a discount if more than one child is attending an event? Or if multiple weeks are chosen? Easy, these options are available.
  • Require custom fields –  Admins have the ability to choose which optional fields are required at registration. Examples include t-shirt size, a friend they prefer to be with, snack options, or other custom fields you need.
  • Set event capacity by location – You’ve always been able to cap the total volume of attendees, and now you can also set capacity limits to specific a given number of children for each check-in location.
  • Other improvements include – Better options for a multi-day event, additional formatting options for event description field, and now admins can view child information even if they haven’t checked in yet.

In addition to an improved event experience, access to important data, and faster decision making, event registration helps make your event a success that creates lasting memories and a positive impact on the kids you serve.

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