With KidCheck’s Event Registration feature, parents are able to register their children ahead of time for your organization’s special events. Administrators are able to set parameters for each event, such as name, date, capacity, and price. Event payments can be accepted at the time of registration via PayPal. Parents register their children using their existing KidCheck account, or have the option to create a new account. Once children have been registered, administrators are able to pre-assign a check-in location for each child, which can help in the planning of how many workers are needed on the day of the event.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to:

Create a New Event

To create a new event in KidCheck:

  1. Sign into your KidCheck admin account
  2. Select the Event Registration tab
  3. In the Events tab, click Create New Event
  4. Complete the details regarding your new event:
    • Give your event a name (this is how it will be displayed to the public)
    • Provide a description or give more details about your event (optional)
    • Provide a location for the event (optional)
    • Assign your event to a Check-in Template (you may want to create your template first if it is a unique event)
    • Enter the event's date and time
    • Specify the dates when you want to allow people to register, and when registration closes
    • Specify a limited capacity, or select "unlimited"
    • Choose whether to display a fee for the event. If selected, a "price" field will appear where you can set your prices. If desired, you can create multiple price points for certain dates. (i.e. Early Bird registration discounts)
    • Choose whether or not you wish to accept online payments (requires a PayPal Business or Premier account, along with the PayPal Payments Pro Service)
    • When complete, select Save Changes



Once the event has been created, KidCheck will generate a custom URL:


  • Simply cut and paste this URL into any web page or email and mask the hyperlink with custom text (i.e Register Now, RSVP Here)
  • When Parents follow the hyperlink, it will immediately take them to the KidCheck login page.  After they log in, it will bring them to a unique page for your event where they can select the children they plan on bringing to that event.
  • If the parent does not have a KidCheck account, KidCheck will walk them through creating one before they can register for the event.

Create Custom Fields and Questions

KidCheck's Event Registration makes it easy to ask guardians for additional information at the time of registration. You can ask for each child's t-shirt size, buddy requests, and more.  To create a custom field for your event:

  1. Under the Event Registration tab, click on the name of the event, and select Edit Event
  2. In the Custom Fields area, click on Add New Custom Field
  3. Fill in the name and description fields
  4. Click the Save link to save the field
  5. Click on Save Event

At the time of registration, guardians will be prompted to fill in the custom fields you created for each of the children they are registering. Custom field information can then be seen by using the Detailed View on the event's Registered Kids page, or on the "Event Registration - Class Roster" report.

Integrate an Event with PayPal Payments Pro

If you’d like to charge a payment for your event, KidCheck’s Event Registration feature integrates with PayPal for collecting event fees at the time of registration. First, you’ll need to sign up for a Business PayPal account (if you don’t have one already), and you’ll need to sign up for the PayPal Payments Pro service (which does have an additional monthly cost).  Visit PayPal for more information about PayPal Payments Pro, and to sign up.

After you’ve created your PayPal account and signed up for the Payments Pro service, you’ll need to enter your PayPal API credentials into KidCheck. To do so:

(in KidCheck)

  1. Under the Event Registration tab, click on the Payment Setup tab
  2. Choose Add New PayPal Account
  3. Type a name and description for this payment account



  1. To get your PayPal API info, follow steps 5 - 14

(in PayPal)

  1. Log into your PayPal Business account (with Payments Pro add-on)
  2. Click the My Account tab
  3. Click the Profile tab (you may need to verify your account before proceeding)
  4. Depending on your type of account, either:
    • Under Account information, click Request API credentials (or)
    • Click on My Selling Tools, and then click Update next to 'API access'
  5. Click Set up PayPal API Credentials and Permissions
  6. Click Request API Credentials
  7. Click Request API Signature
  8. Click Agree and Submit
  9. Copy and paste the API credentials into your KidCheck payment setup tab from step 4
  10. Click Save Account

Edit an Event

To edit an existing KidCheck event:

  1. Select the Event Registration tab
  2. Click on the name of the event you'd like to edit
  3. Select the Edit Event link
  4. Make any necessary changes
  5. Select Save Changes

Manage Registered Children


  1. Under the Event Registration tab, click on the name of the event
  2. Click Registered Kids
    • To sort by a column, click on that column's title
    • To pre-assign children to specific locations, select the child and then drag their name onto the correct location. Assigned children will now show up in groupings based on their location. To reassign them, simply select and drag onto the new location.
    • To view a child's custom field information, click on the Detailed View checkbox at the top of the list

View Event Registration Reports

Several reports are available to help you manage your event:

  1. Select the Reports tab
  2. Under Available Report Library, click on the Event Registration Reports category
  3. Each report has a brief description. Click on the name of the report to view.
  4. Alternately, custom event registration reports can be created using the report builder tool under the Custom Reports tab (for more information, please view the video tutorial, or the visit the written Custom Reports tutorial).