KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In is Sharing About Parent Features and Benefits




When evaluating a secure children’s check-in system, there’s always a lot of details to consider. It’s important to look at items such as budget, technical requirements, the transition to a new process or tool, and ease-of-use. However, one sometimes overlooked item to keep in mind, are the benefits parents and/or guardians will receive.

The benefits parents experience with a secure children’s check-in solution can go a long way in creating a good first impression, setting minds at ease regarding safety, and promoting better communication between staff and attending families.

Listed below are some of the top KidCheck features and the associated benefits parents/guardians will receive when using the KidCheck secure children’s check-in system.

  • Parent Maintained Accounts:  A unique feature to KidCheck that affords parents the ability to create and maintain their own accounts from the comfort of their own home or wherever there’s a secure internet connection. Parents feel confident their account details are always correct and updated. This is especially important for various family situations and if there’s someone who is a non-authorized guardian and shouldn’t have access to the child.
  • Photo Uploads:  Ensures parents can easily choose, upload, and keep current, the photos they prefer of themselves, their children, and authorized or unauthorized guardians. Once again, all from the comfort of their home.
  • Parent Location Tracking:  Through a location list, created by the account administrator, guardians can specify their whereabouts, in addition to the place where they’re checking in children. This provides parents the assurance they can be reached easily and immediately in the case of an emergency.
  • Parent Check-In Notes: An opportunity for parents, right at check-in, to designate any special instructions they would like to make known for the child. Examples include: its little Timmy’s birthday or baby Andrea has just had a bottle and will need a nap right away. It’s just another way to increase communication between parents/guardians and staff.
  • Broadcast text and email:  Account administrators can send one text message or email to a group of parents, volunteers or both. This feature is perfect for busy families and makes it easy for parents to know about last minute updates, change notifications, or emergency instructions. Plus, there’s individual text messaging, so parents know they’ll receive a private text with any updates on their child, or in case of emergency. Keeping parents informed real time, gives them peace of mind.

We always like feedback. If there are any additional features you believe would serve parents better, please share in the comments section below.

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