Does KidCheck have an automatic check-out time?

You are able to adjust your settings within KidCheck to set a time to check-out everyone that is still checked-in at the end of your day. It is pre-selected to automatically check-out everyone at midnight, but you are able to edit that time by following […]

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Technology and Children's Check-in Free eBook

Technology Spotlight: Children’s Check-In eBook

Free eBook – Technology Spotlight: Children’s Check-In
Setting up, improving, and running a children’s ministry program is no small task. From curriculum to volunteer coordination, to classroom setup to safety and security, there are many facets that add up to a successful program. Whether your ministry is […]

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Admin Console Features

The Admin Console provides a central location for a variety of helpful functions. It can be accessed while in check-in mode from the upper right corner of the screen, or via the Check-in tab > Utilities tab.
In the Admin Console you can:
Fix an incorrect location […]

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Guardian Check-in Receipts

Guardian check-in receipts are an important aspect of KidCheck and play an important role in maintaining a safe and secure check-out process.
When children are checked into KidCheck, the system will print a name badge for each child, along with a receipt for the guardian. The […]

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Bulk Check Out

The Bulk Check-Out feature allows groups of children and/or volunteers to be checked out at a specific time, rather than automatically being taken out of the system at midnight. This provides greater control over the check-out process, and allows the system to be quickly cleared […]

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Check-Out Procedures

Putting thought into and determining your check-out procedures is just as important to children’s safety and parent satisfaction as a planned check-in process is. Sometimes there can be confusion on check-out options, best practices, and how to implement them. This information is designed to help […]

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What is the best process to use for check-out?

This will depend on your organization. There are a number of different ways to handle check-out that are fast, easy, and still very secure. Read the KidCheck Check-Out Procedures Tutorial for information on various check-out options and suggestions.

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The guardian doesn’t have their receipt to check out the child; what do I do?

Sometimes a guardian will attempt to pick up a child and not have the guardian receipt label (due to it being lost, their spouse forgot to give it to them, etc).  It is still possible to ensure they are an authorized guardian and easily process […]

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