Sometimes a guardian will attempt to pick up a child and not have the guardian receipt label (due to it being lost, their spouse forgot to give it to them, etc).  It is still possible to ensure they are an authorized guardian and easily process the secure release of a child.

  1. Leave the child safely in the room while you investigate.
  2. Use the “Detail Lookup” screen to check the list of authorized and unauthorized guardians. Access the “Detail Lookup” screen either by:
      • Scanning the barcode on the child’s label with the USB barcode scanner at the check in screen and selecting the View Guardian List tab
      • Or click the “Admin Console” link in the top right corner of the check in screen (by clicking the graph icon), put in your username and password, select the child’s name from the list of children, and select the View Guardian List tab
  3. View the authorized and unauthorized guardian names and photos to determine if you can release the child. If needed, you can ask for a driver’s license as proof of identification as well.
  4. Once verified on the guardian list under the Child Details Look-Up, select Check-Out>Guardian’s Name>Check-Out.

For more info, read the Check-Out Procedures Tutorial