Attention Windows 10 Users: The March Windows update may affect DYMO label printing causing labels to only print blank labels.
(This does not affect ExpressHub4/PrintHub or Mac users.)

To Fix: Install the newest version of the Dymo Label v.8 software. More Info:

What is the barcode on the guardian receipt for?

The barcode on guardian receipts are used exclusively for doing check-out of your kids electronically. Electronic check-out takes visual check-out to the next level. The barcode on the receipt is a “key” for the child’s nametag barcode “lock.” For security purposes, the barcode on the guardian’s ...
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What if the printer seems to be printing blank labels? How do I load new labels?

Blank labels after a recent Windows update? See: Otherwise see below… You’ll want to do two things: 1) clean your printer using a DYMO Cleaning Pad (available in the KidCheck Store), and 2) make sure your labels are loaded correctly. Tips for loading labels: Open the printer and make sure the ...
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Where can I purchase labels to use with KidCheck?

KidCheck offers the DYMO printer labels at a highly competitive price due to our ability to order them in bulk. There are 300 labels per roll and they can be ordered in quantities of 4, 18 or 36 rolls. More information can be found at ...
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What is the Label Restock Program and how does it track and manage my label needs?

KidCheck’s Label Restock Program (LRP) is a free service we offer to our customers to ensure they never run out of labels again.  It counts the labels as they are printed and notifies us when you are ready for your next shipment.  You have the ...
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What size are the DYMO printer labels?

2 5/16” x 4”
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Can I create laminated name badges?

Within the “Name Badges” category of the Reports tab, there are various types and formats of name badges that can be printed and laminated.  Options exist for: Volunteer/Employee name badges Youth name badges Youth self check-in name badges Event registration name badges To use, simply generate the report, select which ...
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Can I disable medical/allergy info from printing on child name tags?

While it is possible to turn off the printing of medical/allergy info on child name tags, there are multiple options to consider when handling private or sensitive medical conditions.  For more information, please consult the article “How to Handle Sensitive Medical Alerts.” If you decide to ...
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How do I reprint a child’s name badge?

To reprint a child’s name badge: Log into the Admin Console (via the graph icon on the upper right of the Check-in Screen) Locate the appropriate child and select the Printer Icon to the right of his or her name For security reasons, guardian check-in receipts cannot be reprinted.
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