How do I turn off test labels?

Enabling the Dymo printer to print a test label on check-in start up is an indicator that the printer is properly working. If you’d prefer to not print test labels:
1. Sign into your administrative KidCheck account
2. Select System Settings in the upper right corner
3. Select […]

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How to reload labels in a Dymo printer

When your DYMO LabelWriter printer runs out of labels, loading a new roll is quick and easy. This video will show you how.

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Loading & Cleaning the Dymo LabelWriter

How to load a new roll of labels into your Dymo LabelWriter


Remove the label spool from inside the top cover and pull the spool guide from the spindle
Hold the spool spindle in your left hand and place the label roll on the spindle so that […]

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Label Restock Program (LRP)

Never run out of labels again with KidCheck’s Label Restock Program! You’ll always have the labels you need without having to worry about counting inventory or reordering. And since labels ordered through the LRP program are offered at a reduced price, you’ll also save money! […]

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How does mobile printing work?

Mobile check-in uses Dymo LabelWriter printers for printing check-in badges. When you start check-in on an iPad/tablet, you’ll see a list of available Dymo LabelWriter printers and can choose the one you’d like each tablet to print to.
In order for a Dymo LabelWriter printer to […]

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How do I stop a test label from printing each time I start check-in?

Select System Settings from the top right corner of the screen
Select the System Options on the left
Select Printing Options from under System Settings
Make sure the first box in the Label Printing Options section is unchecked. It says “Print a test label on check-in startup”
Select the green Save Changes […]

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How do I choose to not print a label for a specific child on check-in?

When checking in a child at a check in station, select 0 in the Labels Drop Down Box next to their name. This will then be the default for that child until changed again.

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Can I turn off printing for a specific template or check-in station?

Label printing cannot be turned off based on check-in template, however, it can be done for specific check-in stations or kiosks. There are two ways to turn off the printing for a station:

While check-in is running on the station, select Close in the upper right corner. […]

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Can I turn off name badge printing for certain locations?

Sometimes administrators would like to disable printing child name badges and/or guardian receipts for children checking into a certain location.  This can be accomplished with the following steps:

Select the System Settings gear in the upper right of your administrative KidCheck account
Select System Options on the left, then choose […]

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Can I turn off the printing of guardian receipt tags?

For situations where guardian check-in receipt tags are unnecessary, it is possible to disable them for specific locations.

Select the System Settings gear in the upper right of your administrative KidCheck account
Select System Options on the left, then choose Campuses and Locations
Select the name of the appropriate campus
Select the […]

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