KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares guest post from Kenny Conley on The Art of the Pre-Service Huddle


This is a guest post from Kenny Conley. Kenny is an author, speaker and NextGen Pastor at Mission Church in Gilbert Arizona. He is also the founder of a place designed to encourage, equip and inspire those who minister to kids. In the post, Kenny ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's CheckIn Integrations Provide Benefits

KidCheck Integrations Provide Benefits

Partnering with other companies has always been an important approach for KidCheck. Through cross-system collaboration KidCheck provides several benefits for organizations looking to improve child safety and increase value-added services for their families and members. KidCheck has two integrations. The first is with Breeze Church Management ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's CheckIn is Sharing Encouraging Words for Kids on Thanksgiving

Encouraging Words for Kids this Thanksgiving

Praise is the greatest encouragement for a child. Encouragement to a child creates curiosity and fascination, which then sparks imagination. Imagination matters, because it influences development. According to Sir Ken Robinson, an expert in early childhood learning and development, “imagination is the source of all ...
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KidCheck secure children's check-in and "The Child Protection Policy Unwrapped"

KidCheck’s Workshop – Child Protection Policy Unwrapped at #CPC2Day

As a leader in child safety, we’re always excited at the opportunity to share the latest information on how to keep kids safe within ministry. On February 26-27, KidCheck will be attending The Children’s Pastors’ Conference (#CPC2Day) in La Mesa California, as a both a ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In is highlighting the 2015 scoop

The KidCheck 2015 Scoop!

At the close of every year it’s fun to recap where our travels have taken us, who we’ve met along the way, what we’ve accomplished, and offer a glimpse of the expectations for the following year.  We’re sharing our yearly update to offer a glimpse ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Active Shooter Video

KidCheck Shares “Surviving an Active Shooter Incident” Video

Unfortunately, we’ve recently seen too much news coverage regarding multiple causality shootings, with the most recent being at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon. To date, it’s been estimated that in the United States “379 people have been killed and 1094 injured in mass shootings ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In & the Group Kidmin Conference 2015

KidCheck and the Group Kidmin Conference

Kids today are skeptical, complex, and know without a doubt they have a voice that presumes to be heard. Their culture is lightning fast and full of issues such as abuse, stress, bullying, hunger, confusing behavioral norms and so much more. Come to think of ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Book Review of Missing by Melissa MacDonald

Book Review – Missing by Melissa J. MacDonald

  Looking for a good book to read? At KidCheck, we love books – especially ones that are well written and offer inspiration to those who are committed to serving children. Nothing is better than reading a book that stirs your soul and encourages a different lens ...
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KidCheck Children's Check-In and Child Protection Policy Part 1

Child Safety – Part 1: The Child Protection Policy Defined

Children have immense purpose and value!  That’s why pastors, teachers, parents, and volunteers have the ultimate responsibility of doing all they can to protect the little ones, the most vulnerable in our society.  We understand, this is a high calling and no one can do ...
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New to Kidmin? Make Child Safety a Priority

As up and coming children’s ministry leaders finish seminary and head out for jobs or internships, missions, and mentoring opportunities, there’s often a lot of commentary on the top nuggets of wisdom that should be gleaned. Dale Hudson, one of KidCheck’s favorite Kidmin thought leaders recently ...
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