Child Safety and Security

Back to School…it’s an exciting and busy time of year! For churches, fitness facilities and child care organizations it’s the perfect time to review your organizations safety and security policies and consider implementing child safety measures.

As you review your current policy guidelines and look to improve child safety and security here are a few initial questions to ask yourself.

  1. Do I have a secure children’s check-in system in place that accurately tracks children checking in and out?
  2. Is everyone in our organization aware of who should or shouldn’t be dropping off or picking up each child in our care? Are there new or unique extenuating circumstances with the child’s life that everyone needs to be informed of?
  3. Are we aware of any new medical conditions or allergies associated with each child? How is this sensitive information communicated and protected?
  4. Has each volunteer/employee had a recent background check?

Check-in is our business and an important aspect of the overall security plan. It also provides a great opportunity for organizations to set themselves apart by demonstrating that safety and security are a top priority. Click here for more information on Why You Need a Children’s Check-In Solution.


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