KidCheck Children's Check-In Support

Thank you for calling KidCheck – How can I help?

Those are the words that ring through the KidCheck office on a daily basis. I’m know, I biased …but the KidCheck Support team is a stellar group of individuals who work tirelessly to assist customers and never leave them wondering. They’re consistently patient, kind, and […]

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Parent Communication Tools

Parent Communication – It’s Time to Reach Out

It’s been proven that when parents or guardians participate in their children’s activities, children simply do better. With  staff dedicated to making parent engagement a priority, coupled with the use of a dynamic communication tools, the barriers to parent involvement, such as time, location, and […]

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Children's Ministry Tools

Book Review – Sunday School That Works!

Thankfully, the market today is flooded with a tremendous amount of resources to help make children’s ministry the best it can be – with magazines (both hard copy & online), blogs, websites, community hubs, and a myriad of other resources, there’s no shortage of great […]

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Background Checks

Back To School – Volunteer Screening & Background Checks

To Check or Not to Check…That is the question? This is the fourth and final post in the Back to School series.
Volunteers they’re an essential element of any child-centered organization such as children’s ministry, day care, or extracurricular programs. When dealing with our most vulnerable […]

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KidCheck Child Check-In Allergies

Back To School – Allergy Awareness!

This is the third in a series of four “Back to School” posts we’ll be sharing this week.
Heading back to school is an exciting time for most families. However, for those dealing with food allergies it can be a stressful and frightening time, at best. […]

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Child Safety and Security

Back to School – Child Abuse Prevention Tips!

This is the second in a series of four “Back to School” posts we’ll be sharing over the next few weeks.
As a parent, one of the things I struggle with is the realization that I will not always be there to protect my children; whether […]

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Child Safety and Security

Back To School!

Back to School…it’s an exciting and busy time of year! For churches, fitness facilities and child care organizations it’s the perfect time to review your organizations safety and security policies and consider implementing child safety measures.
As you review your current policy guidelines and look to […]

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KidCheck Customer Story

Perch & Play Has Good Things To Say

Perch&Play is a fantastic example of an activity center located in Bellingham, Washington that utilizes secure children’s check-in as an organizational tool to not only improve efficiency and increase child safety, but also to promote communication, and save money.
The parallels between a start-up business and […]

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Child Safety and Security

Planning for Child Safety & Security

At KidCheck we know it’s easier for both kids and parents to focus and connect with others in an environment where the kids feel safe and protected. For most children’s ministries, both small and large, a safe and secure environment is a top priority. However, […]

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Relationships in Children's Ministry

Relationships Rule!

Human beings from the very youngest to most well-seasoned crave connection, acceptance, and acknowledgement, and more than anything the need to love and be loved.  In these ever increasing busy times it seems harder and harder to do. Often, relationships take the back seat to […]

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