KidCheck Children's Check-In System First Impression

The Power of the First Impression

In children’s ministry first impressions are important and difficult to overcome if they’re not positive.   People make either conscious or unconscious judgments about cleanliness, security, professionalism and competence based on what they first see. Much like you and I, others evaluate people, organizations and most importantly ...
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KidCheck Children's Check-In System Meet the Team

Introducing…Team KidCheck!

Companies come in all shapes and sizes.  Last week we shared a podcast with KidCheck Founder & CEO Alex Smith. In the podcast, Alex discussed the inspiration behind KidCheck and his thoughts on company culture. This week we wanted to introduce you to the rest ...
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KidCheck Children's Check-In System podcast Alex Smith

Who is KidCheck? A Foundational Perspective from Founder & CEO, Alex Smith

It’s not very often as consumers we get to understand the back story of the companies we do business with – their beginnings, how they work, what makes them special, and where they’re going. In this podcast, KidCheck Founder & CEO Alex Smith, shares some interesting ...
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KidCheck Children's Check-In System Cold & Flu

Cold & Flu Season – Is Your Children’s Ministry Prepared?

Cold and flu season is fast approaching, and as the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” –  Benjamin Franklin Before the seasonal sickies come knocking on the door of your children’s ministry, here are some practical steps you can ...
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KidCheck Children's Check-In System Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Mark Foster, Support Team Manager

Name: Mark Foster Current Position: Support Team Manager At KidCheck for: 2+ years This month’s Employee Spotlight is Mark Foster. Mark manages KidCheck’s Support Team and oversees special services such as custom orders, client education & training, and product testing. An Iowa native, Mark is passionate about the ...
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KidCheck Children's Check-In 2015 CMWebsummit

Join KidCheck for the CMWebsummit – Kidmin’s largest Virtual Conference

KidCheck is two weeks away from sponsoring children’s ministry’s largest virtual conference – The Children’s Ministry Web Summit (CMWebsummit). It’s the largest free online Kidmin conference available today. It offers over 30 workshops on topics ranging from Parent Communication to Special Needs Ministry and KidCheck ...
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Internet Security and Open DNS

Internet Security Everyone knows that internet security is an important issue. Between hackers, viruses, malware, and the vast amount of inappropriate material available online, it’s not something that can simply be ignored. However, figuring out how to decrease risk without having to purchase expensive software and ...
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KidCheck Children's Check-In Station

Keep Your Child Check-In Station Running Smoothly

The KidCheck Support Center always has great tips & tricks to share to keep your secure children’s check-in station running worry free. Here is a best practice article, “3 Simple Check-In Station Maintenance Tips”  that covers some basic actions that any organization can take to ...
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KidCheck Children's Check-In for Churches 21st Century Security

21st Century Security in Kids Ministry

We are excited to share today’s guest post from our friend Mimi Bullock.  Mimi is the children’s pastor for TNT Kids Church, the driving force behind Tools for Kids Church website, and an experienced children’s ministry coach and consultant. What Does 21st Century Security Look Like in ...
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KidCheck Children's Check-In System Conferences

Why KidCheck Loves KidMin Conferences!

It’s an exciting time of year and KidCheck is a buzz with the upcoming children’s ministry conferences. With so many high-quality events in the world of children’s ministry there’s a lot of thought that goes into deciding which ones to attend. For each conference we look ...
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