KidCheck Children's Check-In Software

How Secure Children’s Check-In Can Help During an Evacuation

Having a secure children’s check-in system provides several benefits to keeping the wee ones in your care more secure.  Most would say, it’s a simple process that flows like this…a registered child is checked-in by an authorized guardian or parent, two tags are printed – […]

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A child is checked in to the wrong location. How can I fix that?

You can quickly and easily fix incorrect locations (groups/rooms) without having to check a child out and back in. The new location will also be saved for the next time they check-in.

From the check-in screen, click on the Admin Console link (top right)

Standard, Premium, and Campus […]

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Admin Console Features

The Admin Console provides a central location for a variety of helpful functions. It can be accessed while in check-in mode from the upper right corner of the screen, or via the Check-in tab > Utilities tab.
In the Admin Console you can:
Fix an incorrect location […]

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Child Pick-up Alert

No need to phone the classroom or send a messenger to the classroom. You can easily communicate with a classroom when a guardian is ready to pick up a child by using the Child Pick-Up Alert. Simply choose the appropriate child(ren) from the admin console […]

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Correct A Child’s Location

If a child is accidentally checked into the wrong location, an administrator can quickly and easily move a child (or a group of children) to the correct location. By making this change, it will also insure that the correct location is preselected the next time they check in.

While […]

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Individual Text Messaging

Text messaging makes communicating with guardians, volunteers and employees fast, easy, inexpensive and private. Guardians can elect to receive text message notifications when their children check in and out giving them additional peace of mind (this is especially helpful if a different authorized guardian is […]

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How do I best handle Promotion Sunday, or moving children to the next grade/room?

KidCheck is designed so that the location/classroom that a guardian picks for their children is saved for the next time they check-in. It’s also designed to allow the flexibility of determining when and which children should be moved or promoted.
When it is time for children […]

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How do I reprint a child’s name badge?

To reprint a child’s name badge:

Log into the Admin Console (via the graph icon on the upper right of the Check-in Screen)
Locate the appropriate child and select the Printer Icon to the right of his or her name

For security reasons, guardian check-in receipts cannot be reprinted.

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