No need to phone the classroom or send a messenger to the classroom. You can easily communicate with a classroom when a guardian is ready to pick up a child by using the Child Pick-Up Alert. Simply choose the appropriate child(ren) from the admin console and remotely send a visual and audio alert to the classroom letting them know a child is ready for pick-up. The classroom then acknowledges the alert and releases the child.

To use the Child Pick-Up Alert:

  • Click on the Admin Console icon in the upper right hand corner of your check-in station and enter your username and password.
  • Search for the child you want to call and then click the Bell icon. ¬†Once the child is called, other open admin consoles will receive a notification tone and the child’s name will appear in red.
  • Once the child in the classroom is on their way, the teacher can click the Bell icon again to Acknowledge the call (Alert Seen Bell icon will appear next to the Child’s name).
  • At that time the child’s name will change back to normal, acknowledging that child has been sent.
  • Once the child has arrived, select the Alert Seen Bell icon > Clear Alert to clear the communication

More information on KidCheck Child Pick-Up Alert feature.