Technology and Children's Check-in Free eBook

Technology Spotlight: Children’s Check-In eBook

Free eBook – Technology Spotlight: Children’s Check-In
Setting up, improving, and running a children’s ministry program is no small task. From curriculum to volunteer coordination, to classroom setup to safety and security, there are many facets that add up to a successful program. Whether your ministry is […]

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How to reload labels in a Dymo printer

When your DYMO LabelWriter printer runs out of labels, loading a new roll is quick and easy. This video will show you how.

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Parent Notes at Check-In

At the check-in station, parents can quickly designate any special instructions or notes they want to communicate to the childcare staff or volunteers. The note will print on the child’s name badge right below the medical and allergy information.
To implement:

During check-in, click on the note […]

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Custom Branding – Use Your Logo

Custom branding allows you to customize the KidCheck experience with your logo so your church, childcare facility, or athletic club’s name is prominently displayed to everyone checking in. This feature will customize the check-in screen, name badges, guardian receipts and reports by displaying your logo.
Note: […]

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Guardian Check-in Receipts

Guardian check-in receipts are an important aspect of KidCheck and play an important role in maintaining a safe and secure check-out process.
When children are checked into KidCheck, the system will print a name badge for each child, along with a receipt for the guardian. The […]

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Security Code Filter Feature

In addition to KidCheck’s existing filter to prevent accidental inappropriate security codes, the Custom Security Code Filter allows you to add any additional codes you want to reserve from being a printed code (i.e. 411, 911).

Click the System Settings icon in the upper right
Select the System Options option in […]

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Selectable Name Badge Content

There are several different options you may choose to be printed on the child name badge. Options include name, primary guardian, guardian’s phone number, pick-up guardian, birthday, medical/allergy info and security watermark.
To customize the label content:

Log into your KidCheck account
Click on the System Settings icon in the […]

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Loading & Cleaning the Dymo LabelWriter

How to load a new roll of labels into your Dymo LabelWriter


Remove the label spool from inside the top cover and pull the spool guide from the spindle
Hold the spool spindle in your left hand and place the label roll on the spindle so that […]

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Label Restock Program (LRP)

Never run out of labels again with KidCheck’s Label Restock Program! You’ll always have the labels you need without having to worry about counting inventory or reordering. And since labels ordered through the LRP program are offered at a reduced price, you’ll also save money! […]

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Youth Self Check-In

Youth Self Check-In provides an alternate check-in option for older, more responsible children. It allows the youth of your organization to have more autonomy, while still providing you with an efficient check-in process and the ability to quickly and easily track attendance. With youth self […]

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