While text messaging is an incredibly effective way to notify a parent that you need their assistance, some parents do not have cell phones. There are a few alternate options for immediately getting in touch with a parent who does not have a cell phone (or who chooses not to enable text message alerts):

  1. Pagers: It may work well to have enough pagers on hand for distribution to these parents. Pagers are easy to integrate with your KidCheck system (for more info, read our pager tutorial).
  2. Visual Notifications: Some churches use the security code printed on the child tag (and guardian receipt), along with the visual notification system of their projection software to alert parents that assistance is needed. For instance, a message would appear on the front screen that “Parent 0143 is requested in the nursery”, and the parent would be able to match that code to their check-in receipt.
  3. Guardian Locations: KidCheck can be configured to allow guardians to select where they will be located while the child is checked in, and these locations can be as specific (or broad) as you’d like. These locations can then be used to locate the guardian if assistance is needed.