In KidCheck, each parent/guardian has their own account linked with their phone number. In a typical family setup, one parent will create a login account (account with a username and password), add their children, then add their spouse as an Authorized Guardian. This creates a Guardian Account for the second parent which can be used to check-in/out the children (and can also later be expanded to include a username and password). Additionally, the parent initially creating the account may add other Authorized Guardians such as grandparents, family friends, or trusted neighbors. If appropriate, they can also include anyone that is not authorized. They should also upload photos to increase the level of security.

When contact information and guardianship differs within the family unit, setting up separate login accounts for each guardian is the best option. This allows each guardian to list the children, their associated authorized guardians, use their own phone number to check-in and have the ability to manage and update their own personal information.

For a more in-depth definition of login and guardian accounts, please see the question “What is the difference between Login Accounts and Guardian Accounts” listed above.