For Plus and Premier edition users, sending group email through KidCheck is fast and easy with the Broadcast Email feature. This is found by clicking on the People tab, and then navigating to the E-mail sub-tab. For detailed instructions on how to use this feature, please consult the Broadcast Email tutorial.

For users of the Essentials Edition, KidCheck’s email and mailing reports make it possible to send an email to the parents or volunteers in your system. To generate your mailing list:

  1. Sign in to your KidCheck account (you’ll need admin privileges)
  2. Under your Reports tab, open the report titled Guardian Email Report or Volunteer Email Report
    (both are found in the “Mailings and Email Reports” category and they might be worth adding to your favorites if you plan to use them often)
  3. If desired, click on the Change Parameters icon at the top of the report (the wrench and screwdriver icon). This allows you to specify a certain date range, classroom, etc.
  4. Export the report to CSV format using the icon that contains “a,”
  5. Open the downloaded file in Microsoft Excel or a similar program
  6. Highlight and copy the first column of email addresses
  7. Paste the email addresses into the email program of your choice