If they have a KidCheck account elsewhere:

They simply need to enter their 10 digit phone number (their account works at every KidCheck facility).

If they don’t have a KidCheck account:

Instruct them to select the “I do not have a KidCheck account” link on the check-in screen. They will be asked to enter their first and last name, a phone number, e-mail address and their children’s information. Since this only creates a guardian account and not a login account (with a username and password), it is especially important they put in an e-mail address. KidCheck will automatically send them an e-mail so they can complete their account and add the additional information including a username and password.

Additional Notes:

* If you are concerned with delays at the check-in lines due to visitor account creation, you can set up a separate check-in station specifically for visitors and staffed with a volunteer to answer any questions they may have. This provides a great opportunity for a friendly welcome and to meet with visitors while not holding up regular attendees. For those on Plus and Premier editions, you can use the Registration Assistant (Check-in tab > Utilities tab > Registration Assistant > Start) to allow account creation from any browser and not have it count as a check-in station.

More thoughts on visitor check-in and follow up can be found here: KidCheck Visitor Check-In and KidCheck Visitor Follow Up