The main administrator for an organization can easily add or remove others as administrators.

To add an administrator:

  1. Ensure the person(s) you plan to add as administrators have created a KidCheck login account.
    • A “login” account means they need to have completed a full account with a username and password, not just set up a basic account created at a check-in station with the “I don’t have a KidCheck account” link.
  2. Log into KidCheck and go to System Settings on the top right
  3. On the left select System Options
  4. Select User Manager (under System Settings)
  5. Select Add a New Administrator (on the left under Page Options)
  6. Input their phone number
  7. When you find the proper person, click on their name
  8. Next, choose the appropriate user role (see role descriptions below)
  9. If the person is also planning to be a volunteer you can enable this designation at the same time
  10. Click Save

The individual will now have administrative access rights when they log into their KidCheck account using their personal username and password.

The guardian has a username and password and able to add them as an administrator for an organization.


To remove (or change) a user’s administrative access:

  1. Log into KidCheck and go to System Settings on the top right
  2. On the left select System Options
  3. Select User Manager (under System Settings)
  4. Select the “X” with a circle around it to delete an admin, or select the pencil icon to edit an admin’s user role


Admin User Role Descriptions

  • Administrator – Full access and privileges.
  • Campus Manager – Similar to an Administrator, but can only see reports and information for a particular campus. Able to change settings, and can add additional Start/Stop Check-in Only admins.
  • Check-In Worker – Able to start check-in using a template or program, access the Admin Console during check-in, and close check-in.
  • Coordinators – Similar to an Check-In Worker, but can also access People and Event Registration tabs.
  • Finance Admin – Can see the Invoicing tab, Reports tab, and Settings link (which contains Account Info, Settings, Campuses & Locations, and Licensing tabs).
  • Reports Admin – Able to access the Reports tab.