Check-In Surveys allow an admin to collect data by setting up series of questions users can answer during the check-in process. Surveys can be set up with required or non-required responses, responses that prevent check-in, and to collect data for parents, children, or workers.

Enabling Surveys

Enable surveys from the:

Surveys tab

  1. Visit the Surveys tab (Check-in tab > Surveys tab)
  2. Select the “click here” link

Check-in Options area

  1. Visit the Check-in Options area of Settings (System Settings gear-icon in the upper right > System Options menu on the left > Check-in Options submenu on the left > Check-in Survey section)
  2. Enable Check-in Surveys

Creating Surveys

To use surveys, start by creating a survey with questions you want users to answer while checking in.

  1. Go to the Check-in tab > Surveys tab
  2. Select the Add New Survey link on the left under Page Options
  3. Name the survey, add a description, select the other options, and Save Changes
  4. Start adding questions to the survey by selecting your desired question type and selecting the Add New Question button
    • Question types include
      • Drop Down (select one response from a drop down menu)
      • Check Box (select multiple responses)
      • Radio Button (select a single response)
      • Short Text Input (input a short typed response – like a name or short phrase)
      • Long Text Input (input a long typed response – like a paragraph of text)
  5. Once a question is added, input the text of the question
    • By default, questions are required to complete check-in. However, they can be marked as Optional which allows users to not complete them.
  6. Questions (that aren’t Short Text or Long Text) can be given specific responses to select from using the Add New Response link
  7. Each response can optionally block check-in. Responses that block check-in prevent a user from completing check-in. If a user selects a blocking response, they are directed to connect with a worker for additional options. Admins can override a survey with a blocked response.
Create a survey

Create a survey including a title, description, and several other parameters.

Add survey questions

Add any question and series of desired responses to a survey. Questions can be responses. Specific responses can stop a using from completing check-in.

Surveys in Check-In

While checking in, users will encounter surveys that apply to their situation (enabled for the specific template and applying to parents, children, and/or workers). Some survey-specific behavior includes:

  • Required questions must be answered to complete a check-in
  • Responses set up to block check-in prevent the user from completing check-in. If a user selects a blocking response, he or she will see a message directing them to contact a worker for help.
  • Workers can override a survey with a blocking response using admin credentials.
Displaying a survey during check-in

Surveys display during check-in for guardians, children, and/or workers.

Survey History/Data

Once users complete surveys, admins can view the survey data via the Survey History tab of a survey (Check-in tab > Surveys tab > select a survey > Survey History tab).

This section allows admins to view specific survey responses. Admins can also filter responses and export responses to a CSV to further analyze data.

List of survey responses

Easily view, search, filter, and export survey responses.