1) Check to see if your ExpressHub is powered on. If your screen is black and not showing the blue KidCheck ExpressHub home screen, verify that the power adaptor is plugged into your surge protector/power outlet (ensure that your surge protector is turned on and plugged into a wall outlet that works), and is securely plugged into the ExpressHub USB-C port (for older ExpressHub models, you will need to ensure that your ExpressHub “Y” power cable is securely connected to both the LCD screen and ExpressHub body, and connected to your power adaptor securely and your surge protector). If the ExpressHub powers back up to the blue home screen, then re-test printing and Express Check-In capabilities. If the ExpressHub will not power on after troubleshooting, please call our helpdesk at 208-538-2000 (support hours are – Monday-Friday 8am-5pm MST, Sundays – 6am-Noon MST), issue might be hardware related.

2) Ensure that your ExpressHub is connected to your wireless/wired network. Use your ExpressHub password to unlock the settings (default config password for the ExpressHub is – 844578). Once unlocked, choose the Network tab and confirm that the ExpressHub shows connected to your network. If not, then rejoin your ExpressHub to your wireless network (if wired network, then reseat the ethernet cable on the device and your data port to ensure that internet connectivity is working, switch data ports if not). Re-test wireless printing and Express Check-In to confirm functionality.

3) Confirm that your ExpressHub is connected to the KidCheck servers for wireless printing and Express Check-In capabilities. You can verify KidCheck server connectivity by unlocking the ExpressHub home screen from the gear and entering your ExpressHub password. On the dashboard screen, you will locate the “KidCheck Socket Status”. The KidCheck Socket Status needs to show “Connected”. If it shows disconnected, then wireless printing and Express Check-Ins will not work. Choose the “power” settings, and “reboot” to power cycle the ExpressHub to reconnect to your network and the KidCheck servers. If the expressHub comes back up and shows “connected” for the KidCheck Socket Status under the dashboard settings, then printing and Express Check-In functions should be available again. If you are unable to get the ExpressHub connected to the KidCheck servers, then you will need to try testing your ExpressHub on another wireless/wired network to see if the issue is isolated to the network or the ExpressHub (If issue is isolated to the ExpressHub and you cannot resolve by suggested steps, call our helpdesk at 208-538-2000).

4) If your ExpressHub is showing “connected” for the KidCheck Socket Status under the dashboard settings, and it is still not printing, then we will need to troubleshoot your printer/s connectivity to the ExpressHub. From your unlocked settings on the ExpressHub screen, choose Settings>Printers. Verify that you printer is showing (if not showing in the printer settings, reseat your printer’s USB Cable on the printer and ExpressHub ends, and unplug/re-plug in the printer power cable to power cycle the printer, also ensure that the “Editor Lite” button is turn off if is a brother printer). If the printer is showing, then choose the green “Test Print” button to test print from the ExpressHub to the printer directly. If the printer is still not printing and showing in the ExpressHub printer settings, then your issue is isolated to the Printer, and it will either be the printer hardware or a label issue. Swap out the labels if needed and confirm that labels advance properly and re-test.

5) If you are troubleshooting Express Check-In, ensure that your ExpressHub is showing “connected” for the KidCheck Socket Status (see steps above on troubleshooting KidCheck Socket Status – Disconnected), and that your ExpressHub is Licensed for Express Check-In. If needed, unlock the ExpressHub screen and go to Settings>Licensing>Enable License if it is not enabled.