Enabling Planning Center Integration

KidCheck utilizes Planning Center’s OAuth authentication to integrate between both systems. Integrating allows data to flow between KidCheck and Planning Center according to your chosen options. You’ll need to register KidCheck as an OAuth application in your Planning Center account then share the given keys within KidCheck.

In Planning Center:

  1. Log into the Planning Center developer portal
  2. Register a new OAuth application
  3. In the Authorization callback URLs fields, enter this URL:
  4. Note your given Client ID and Secret

In KidCheck:

  1. Log into your KidCheck account and navigate to the Management System Integration section of KidCheck (System Settings cog in the upper right > System Options on the left > Integration Options on the left)
  2. Enable integration and select Planning Center in the drop-down menu
  3. Select your desired integration options
  4. Copy and paste your Client ID and Secret from step 4 above into the appropriate fields
  5. Select the Authorize button
Planning Center integration settings

Enable Planning Center integration within KidCheck by using your Planning Center OAuth Client ID and Secret.