While the guardians should keep their accounts up-to-date, there may be times you are aware of changes that need to be made and it’s easier for you to make the update. If a guardian has given you permission, you do have the ability to make changes and updates to their accounts.

When the guardian sets up their login account they choose whether or not to allow organizations to make adjustments on their behalf. They have the ability to override any changes you do make.

If you are planning on making changes, we suggest you communicate with the parents first that you are planning on making an update so they are aware and have an opportunity to discuss if needed. While it’s great to have the flexibility to make updates on their behalf, you need to balance that with being respectful and cognizant that you are touching someone’s personal information.

To make a change to a guardian account:

  1. Login to your admin KidCheck account
  2. Click on the People tab
  3. Search for the individual, and choose the appropriate account
  4. Use the blue Edit icon button in the top right of the area you wish to update
  5. Make the update and Save Changes