1. Log into KidCheck and click on System Settings in the top right corner
  2. Select the System Options on the left; select Campuses & Locations under System Settings
  3. Click on the campus you want to adjust. This will list all the locations for that Campus
  4. To edit or delete a location, click the pencil icon next to it and make appropriate changes
    Note: We strongly recommend not changing a location’s name, but instead deleting it and creating a new location with the desired name. This helps assure correct attendance reporting.
  5. To delete a location, choose the Trash Can next to the location in your library, or select the location hyperlink in your library and use the Delete This Location hyperlink in the location settings to remove it.
  6. To add a location, choose the +Add New Location/Age Group hyperlink in your Campus & Locations settings, and fill in the appropriate fields to set up the new location and then choose the green Save Changes button.