KidCheck’s Kiosk Mode allows check-in to be ran ‘full-screen’, making it impossible for the computer to be used for anything but check-in (where only an administrator is able to close check-in). This is a great security feature, especially if you are running self-service check-in stations, and there is not a staff member handy to monitor the computer’s use.

However, an organization will occasionally want to disable Kiosk Mode (for instance, to have access to the People tab or check-in stats in the midst of check-in).

To toggle Kiosk Mode on or off:

Windows: Right click on the KidCheck Client in the task bar (near the time in the lower right hand corner) > go to Settings > go to Check-in Display Mode > select Windowed Mode to run check-in within your browser or Kiosk Mode to run check-in within a full-screen, locked-down mode.

Mac: Click on the KidCheck client icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen > select the KidCheck Icon > Settings > Check-In Display Mode > check or uncheck the Kiosk Mode setting.

*** Note: We only recommend you turn off kiosk mode if the check-in station is staffed. ***