Option 1: Manually switch between templates

  1. On the check-in screen, choose the “Station Options” gears at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Under the Check-In Station Options>Change Template settings, Choose the drop down arrow to select the desired Template and then choose the green “Change” button.
  3. Selected Template will launch, and Check-In can resume with new template.

Option 2: Set up a Program to have templates switch automatically at specified times

Note: Programs are available for Plus and Premier Edition users

To set up Programs:

  1. Go to the Check-in tab
  2. Choose the Programs tab (on the second row of tabs)
  3. Select +Add a New Program under Page Options on the left
  4. Input the program name, description, choose associated campus (if applicable), and select the Save Changes button
  5. Now select the arrow next to the templates you want associated with the program from the left column (Available Check-In Templates). Those templates will move to the right column (Template Sequence to Run)
  6. Input the start time you want for each of the templates for your multiple services. The Start Time will be the time that you want the templates to switch (and no longer display previous templates)
  7. Select the green Save Changes button
    Note: You can select the “How To Setup Check-in Programs” tab on that screen for more info on setting up programs.

To use Programs:

  1. When you are ready to start check-in, go to the Check-In tab
  2. Select the Programs tab
  3. Click the Start button next to the one you want to start
  4. As guardians check-in they will see all templates you have associated with that program (according to the times you have set) and can choose which template (service) they wish to check their kids in to