You’ll need to first suspend one of your existing licenses on it’s check-in station to allow it to be transferred to a new check in station.

To suspend a license:

  1. Sign in to KidCheck, and choose System Settings on the top right
  2. Select Licensing (on the left under “Your Account”)
  3. Click the Active link next to the old station.  A pop up will note “This will suspend your license. Are you sure you want to continue?”
  4. Click OK. This will suspend the old license, thus freeing up a license for you to use on a new station.

To License the New Check-in Station:

  1. Before licensing a new station, you will first need to install the KidCheck Client Software
  2. Once the KidCheck software is installed, sign into KidCheck on the new check-in station you wish to license and choose System Settings on the top right
  3. Select Licensing (on the left under “Your Account”)
  4. Select Edit This Computer’s License (on the left under “Your Account”)
  5. Enter the computer’s name and description
  6. Choose the appropriate settings for the following sections: Check in Station Type, Label Printer Setup, Default Language and Activate this Check in Station
  7. Select the Save Changes button
  8. The new check-in station is now licensed and active and will show up in the check-in station list

For information on licensing a tablet, see our Mobile Check-in Tutorial.