1: Navigate to the Settings area

To access the settings area of KidCheck, log into your KidCheck account, and click on the “System Settings” gear icon at the top right corner of the page. This is where you can manage your organization’s information, configure check-in and printing settings, set up your campus and locations, manage licenses and admins, and sign up for KidCheck’s Label Restock program.

2: Your Account area

This is where you’ll find your main account information.  Double-check the information in the Account Information and Billing and Order History to ensure it is correct and make any necessary updates. Once you’ve added additional administrators to your account (see step 4 below), make sure to choose the correct Primary Contact (this is the person we will contact when we need to communicate with your organization).

We encourage our customers to join the Label Restock Program (LRP), a free service that ensures you never run out of labels. The program will count the labels as they are printed and notifies us when you are ready for your next shipment. You can choose the minimum trigger quantity and order quantity, and you always have 48 hours to decline your next shipment.

To enroll, check the Enable Label Restock box (in the Label Restock Program settings) and fill out the information. Then finish by selecting Save Changes in the lower right.

3: System Options area

This is where you can change and configure dozens of features, such as the appearance of KidCheck, child/staff ratios, text messaging, custom EULA, name badge settings and much, much more.

There are multiple settings categories on the left side. In each option area choose the best setting for your organization for each of the items listed. Remember to click “Save Changes” after changing your settings! If you have any questions or need advice about any of your options, you can always contact us.

4: User Manager area

This is where additional individuals can be given administrative access to your organization’s KidCheck account. To be given administrative rights, the individual(s) you plan to add must have already created a KidCheck account complete with username and password.

To add a security role, go to System Settings > System Options > User Manager > Add a New Administrator and begin typing their complete phone number in the search box and click search. If they have a KidCheck account, you’ll be able to select them, and then choose the type of access you want them to have.

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