General Setup

Getting Started

  1. Confirm the KidCheck mobile app is installed on your iPad/tablet (if you need help with this, visit the Mobile Check-in Setup tutorial)
  2. Confirm the KidCheck ExpressHub is set up and connected with your customer account (for help see the ExpressHub Setup tutorial)

On a Mobile Tablet (iPad/Android)

  1. Log in to the KidCheck mobile app
  2. Select the Check-in section (on iOS choose to Use as Check-In Station)
  3. Select the Check-in Programs or Check-in Templates section on the left
  4. Select your template/program to start
  5. On the Select Printer page select your desired printer / ExpressHub
  6. Select the Select This Printer button

    Select your desired printer connected to an ExpressHub after selecting your template/program to start.