Youth Self Check-In provides an alternate check-in option for older, more responsible children. It allows the youth of your organization to have more autonomy, while still providing you with an efficient check-in process and the ability to quickly and easily track attendance. With youth self check-in you can create laminated name badges to be scanned by the child to check themselves in directly, rather than using the guardian phone number.

To Create Youth Check-In Badges:

  1. Click on the Reports tab > Available Reports Library
  2. Choose the Youth Self Check-in Name Badges report
  3. Export the report to PDF (by selecting the floppy disk icon in the middle of the report, and then choosing PDF, this will download the report to your downloads folder on your PC)
  4. Open the Name Badges report from your downloads folder, and print the badges on Avery 5390 stock, and laminate for durability

The Self Check-in List report (found under Reports>Available Report Library) offers another option for self check-in.  This report contains each child’s name, as well as a corresponding barcode that can be scanned to check that child in or out.  This report is best used for teachers to scan in kids if laminated name badges are not being used (or if they have been forgotten or misplaced).

What if you are utilizing self check-in for children attending on their own? If circumstances determine the account can’t be set up by an adult guardian, the youth can complete the account on their own (as long as they are age 13 or older).

  • Even though they are the child, they should still choose the Create You KidCheck Account (or Create Account in the mobile app).
  • When they first sign up to create the account, the initial contact name and information entered in New KidCheck Account fields should be their parent’s/guardian’s name, not their own.
  • They should approach the account set-up as if they are the guardian completing the account and they are the child.
  • After completing the main adult information, they will choose the My Account tab (on PC), and then select the Kids tab > Add a New Child to input their own personal information.
  • If there are additional guardians the youth wants included as emergency contacts, they should be added by selecting the Guardians tab  > Add a New Guardian.
  • This will result in a complete login account. Depending on the circumstances they can choose to enable text message to the guardian or not.
  • We suggest you try to get a guardian signed medical release form as well to keep on file for these children as the guardians may not be present.

More information on Youth Self Check-In/Out.