KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares Eight Benefits of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a key driver of success for individuals and organizations. By investing the time to work through a yearly plan, you will be better able to navigate uncertainty, set the stage for growth, and more successfully manage your organization. Here are eight compelling reasons to start planning:

1. Vision: Strategic planning removes the clutter of everyday tasks that can quickly feel insurmountable. It helps an organization to clearly define its goals and foster a shared understanding of the road ahead.

2. Resource Optimization: Resources are valuable commodities necessary to meet your goals or objectives and often encompass volunteers, staff, working areas, equipment, and supplies. Unfortunately, they are not finite. So, a strategic plan will help you prioritize high-impact areas and better utilize current resources, increasing efficiency and productivity.


3. Encourages Flexibility with Change: Each new year brings perpetual change and ambiguity. Strategic planning is a great tool that equips an organization to be adaptable. It allows for the expectation of potential trials and the formulation of a plan, ensuring a proactive response to any unanticipated events.

4. Improves Decision-Making: Decisions must be timely and based on good data in a fast-moving, ever-changing environment. Strategic planning encompasses thoughtful evaluation and analysis, which empowers leaders with the knowledge and insight needed to make good decisions that align with organizational objectives.

5. Fosters a Common Purpose: Having everyone in your organization on the same page and working with a shared purpose helps to unify and align efforts. Strategic planning ensures everyone catches the vision and works to achieve the primary goals.

6. Establishes a Competitive Advantage: A competitive advantage is about meeting needs, solving problems, and adding value. Understanding current trends and the changing needs and desires of staff, volunteers, visitors, or the families you serve allows you to gain a competitive edge and position your organization for success.

7. Prioritizes Innovation & Growth: How do you foster an environment of forward-thinking individuals who promote new ideas and embrace doing things differently while cultivating continuous growth? Strategic planning helps focus on building a culture that encourages people to speak up, contribute their ideas, and embrace continuous innovation as a component of success.

8. Improves Performance Metrics: Strategic planning helps define the metrics of how you will track and measure your organization’s performance. Whether you are asked to track performance or not, as a leader, you always want to have a clear set of metrics for measuring activity. These metrics will help you stay the current course or make a correction.

For individuals and organizations, the benefits of strategic planning are more significant than ever. Consider the investment in the process an opportunity to produce a roadmap to a successful, more intentionally focused year.

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Photo by Marissa Grootes on Unsplash