KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares The Top Five Benefits of Effective Communication with Parents

The Top Five Benefits of Effective Communication with Families

Serving and protecting children in your organization is no small task. Many details must come together to create a successful program. However, one element stands high above the rest, your ability to communicate with parents. Research indicates that those who communicate well perform better personally and ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares A podcast with Karl Bastian from Kidology

Make Child Check-In Fast and Safe!

This week’s guest post is from Karl Bastian. Karl is known as the “Kidologist” and is the founder of Kidology provides creative online resources for Christian children’s ministry. Karl is also a children’s ministry consultant, trainer, coach, and magician. In Karl’s post, he covers the ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares the Latest Feature Updates & Improvements

Latest KidCheck’s Updates & Improvements

At KidCheck we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our secure children’s check-in and offer more convenience, increased usability, and better access to your check-in data. Listed below are a few improvements we recently rolled out. Automatic Classroom Load Balancing: How you want kids to be assigned ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Is Highlighting Volunteer Screening & Background Check Policy

Volunteer Screening & Background Checks for Back to School

To Check or Not to Check…That is the question? This is the third post in the 2017 Back to School series. Volunteers they’re an essential element of any child-centered organization. When dealing with our most vulnerable population, children, a face-to-face meeting is simply not enough for ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Offers Electronic Guardian Receipt for the Mobile App

KidCheck Electronic Guardian Receipt

The KidCheck guardian receipt is an important feature in maintaining a safe and secure check-out process. Recently, KidCheck added a cool, new improvement to the guardian receipt. It’s now also available electronically on the guardian’s mobile device in the KidCheck mobile app. When a child is ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In The Benefits of Children's Check-In for a Fitness Facility

The Benefits of a Child Check-In System for Fitness Facilities

Offering child care to your members is a great service and goes a long way in creating loyalty. There are also risks and liabilities when caring for children at a facility. A children’s check-in system can help mitigate those risks and provides many benefits as ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares Happy To Be Back, A Customer Testimonial

Happy To Be Back!

The KidCheck Family Julia Berger, the Director of Education for Christ the King Mount Vernon church (CTK Mount Vernon), has been a KidCheck customer for over 5 years. Julia was one of the original team members at CTK Mount Vernon and part of the decision to ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares the Latest Mobile App Improvements

KidCheck’s Newest Mobile App Enhancements

Increased flexibility, shorter check-in lines, more time to connect, and a better overall check-in experience are just a few of the benefits of using the KidCheck mobile app.  Today, 21% of people name SMS (texting) as their preferred communication channel, second only to email – ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's CheckIn Integrations Provide Benefits

KidCheck Integrations Provide Benefits

Partnering with other companies has always been an important approach for KidCheck. Through cross-system collaboration KidCheck provides several benefits for organizations looking to improve child safety and increase value-added services for their families and members. KidCheck has two integrations. The first is with Breeze Church Management ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Checkin Now Offering Express Check-In Free for One Year with the Purchase of any PrintHub

KidCheck Express Check-In Now Available On Android

Last fall, KidCheck took mobile check-in to a whole new level announcing the new, first-of-its-kind, Express Check-In. We are pleased to share that Express Check-In is now available on Google Android mobile devices, as well as Apple iOS devices, making it even easier to support all ...
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