The volunteer/employee will need to first create their KidCheck login account. Once the volunteer/employee has created an account the Administrator will need to designate them as a volunteer/employee; volunteers/employees cannot assign themselves as such. To do so:

  1. Go to the People tab within KidCheck (top row).
  2. On the second row of tabs, select Workers tab.
  3. Click on “+ Add A New Worker” on the left and input the volunteer/employee’s phone number (omit dashes and parentheses).
  4. Once you see the person’s name/profile show up, select whether they are an Employee or Volunteer, select Save, and they will be added to the list.
  5. Please remember this searches our international database, so please cross reference address and phone numbers before adding anyone as a volunteer or employee.

Note: When someone is added to your list, their name will not initially be clickable/tappable until they check-in for the first time; this maintains a higher level of privacy. Once they check-in, you’ll be able to click/tap their name to go to their profile in the People tab.

Download our Volunteer Training Guide for more information.