KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares Preparing Volunteers for Easter Service

Easter is right around the corner and is one of the biggest celebrations and most widely attended services of the year. As you gear up, you’ll want to ensure your volunteers are prepared to participate in this memorable celebration. As you fine-tune the details, don’t wait until the last minute to share important need-to-know information with staff and volunteers.

To help make Easter services run smoothly and encourage volunteers to get the most from their experience, you will need to equip them properly. In the weeks leading up to Easter, here are a few suggestions to prepare them for the occasion.

  1. Orientation: Whether your volunteers are new or have been with you awhile, you’ll want to ensure they attend an Easter orientation online or in person. The orientation should discuss all the logistical details of the Easter service, volunteer roles and responsibilities, child safety protocol, facility layout, dress code, curriculum, supplies, snacks, and activities, plus address any outstanding questions.
  2. Individual Assignments: Although you will cover roles and responsibilities in orientation at a high level, you will want to ensure you follow up with more details for new volunteers. Whether they are greeting new families, assisting with children’s check-in, or working behind the scenes, it’s helpful if they know what’s expected in more detail and have an opportunity to ask direct questions. You might consider adding additional training opportunities to the schedule in the event they can’t make orientation or aren’t able to connect with you directly.
  3. Outreach: One of the benefits of using volunteers is the opportunity for them to reach out and encourage others to serve alongside them or attend an Easter service. Either way, you will want to encourage them to invite friends, family, and neighbors who don’t attend regularly or have expressed an interest in serving.
  4. Support: If you have many new volunteers, consider pairing them with an experienced volunteer before Easter. The support buddy can help reduce the stress of a new situation and provide guidance and support before, during, and after the service.
  5. Celebrate: After the services are finished, schedule a quick time to celebrate and thank everyone for joining the Easter service team. Encourage people to share stories, celebrate their successes, and share the joy of working together.

Training new volunteers is fundamental to creating a memorable Easter experience and ensuring they are ready to serve. Making new families feel welcome is critical to their return because you never have a second chance to make a good first impression.

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Photo by Chris Hardy on Unsplash