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When deciding to transition to an electronic children’s check-in solution, there are many details to consider. Often items like budget, technical requirements, the roll-out process, ease-of-use, and family benefits are at the forefront. Nevertheless, it’s important to evaluate the features set. You’ll want to confirm they’re designed to grow with your organization, reduce workload, and create a positive visitor experience, all at a great value.

Listed below are some of the top KidCheck features organized by benefit.


  • Health & Allergy Information Management – Helps to identify and track allergies, medications, release forms, and other wellness related information included in a health management plan.
  • Guardian Receipts – Are a critical aspect of KidCheck and play a fundamental role in maintaining a safe and secure check-out process. When children are checked into KidCheck, the system will print a name badge for each child, along with a receipt for the guardian.
  • Guardian Location Tracking – Allows administrators to quickly and easily know the whereabouts of a child’s guardian should they need them or in case of an emergency.
  • Security Labels – Offer multiple security and printing features associated with the children’s name badges, parent/guardian receipts, and volunteer/employee badges. Security measures include matching security codes printed on the children’s badges and guardian receipts; as well as, prominent allergy/medical warnings on the children’s check-in badges. 

Increased Efficiency

  • Reports – Deliver easy-to-use data, across a variety of key topics, provide essential information about families, visitors, and trends, which helps with timely decisions.
  • Admin Console App – Puts all the critical data right at your fingertips, which helps to reduce workload, increase efficiency, improve child security, and speed up communication with parents and guardians.
  • Parent Maintained Accounts – A unique feature to KidCheck that allows parents to create and maintain their accounts, which reduces workload and eliminates the upfront input as parents are responsible for keeping the information up-to-date.
  • Express Mobile Check-In – Allows parents to check-in using their smartphone! For your organization, it means shorter check-in lines, increased efficiency, and happier families.



  • Management Software –Integration provides the best of both worlds, with the option to choose and pair top technology solutions to meet your individual needs. It allows you to maintain a single organization-wide database, plus experience the benefits of a best-in-class check-in solution.

Operational Support

  • Time Limits – Helps you manage and track allotted time in child care to be sure agreed upon or pre-purchased time is not exceeded. No more guessing, watching the clock, or manual tracking.
  • Check-In Passes – Designed for fitness facilities, activity centers, daycares, and other child and youth-centered organizations. Check-In Passes provide the ability to create pre-paid options for members to purchase childcare ahead of time.

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